DeltaOne Beta Available

Hey All ! For those who want to experience the new DeltaOne, go to to download the APK!


Our Game on SlideDB

Our game has finally passed inspection and is on SlideDB. Most news about development will now be posted onto that page, as well as the ArmedUnity thread.  


Update 62 – Game Revamp

DeltaOne is an upcoming FPS that you will be able to play on your Android or iOS device, (later coming on Web). It is multiplayer, and I hope I can push the game from...


u55 – Chat with others

In update55 of DeltaOne, I’ve added the functionality to chat with others in game. I have also added a base for prompt menu upgrades, since I’ve upgraded to Unity4.6. Server upgrades are also taking...


Update53-New Maps and Updates

Today we release u53, an update like no other. Firstly, we added a new map, Citadel, and a new way to load new maps. Our maps will now exist on our web servers, so...


Update 48 – DeltaOne

For the past week, I’ve been working hard on u47, which was really a patch for the errors found in the first public build of DeltaOne, u45. Update 48, however will add new features,...


DeltaOne for Android

For the past ten days, I’ve been toiling with a resurrected project: DeltaOne. DeltaOne was origionally a Web  game, but I believed its would look great on a phone screen, a portable multiplayer FPS....


Support Needed

Hello once again gamers. To go straight to the point, NitroLabGames needs skilled developers in different areas, whether it’s graphics, server scripts, or AI programmers. For quite a while, I’ve been taking the brunt...

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Welcome to the new NitroLabGames

Hey Gamers! A new era of mobile FPS play is coming. #DeltaOne Still in beta, DeltaOne is a game where you can play others in co-op or free for all war battles. I’ll update...